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What you will learn in this Free Udemy Course

  • What are Antipatterns: Learn what antipatterns are, their impact on software projects, and how to recognize and avoid them.
  • Common Antipatterns: Explore common antipatterns in code, such as god objects and spaghetti code, and learn how to avoid them.
  • Solutions for Antipatterns: Discover best practices and techniques for writing clean, maintainable, and performant code that avoids antipatterns.
  • Antipatterns in Software Design: Learn how antipatterns can manifest in software design and how to avoid them.
  • Antipatterns in Software Processes: Learn how antipatterns can manifest in software processes and how to avoid them.
  • Best Practices and Guidelines: Discover best practices and guidelines for writing high-quality code and avoiding antipatterns.
  • Case Studies: Study real-world examples of antipatterns in software projects and learn how they were resolved. Gain practical skills for identifying and avoidin

What you will get in this Free Udemy courses?


  • Basic programming experience


Embark on a comprehensive journey to master software development best practices with our meticulously crafted Udemy course, “Mastering Software Development: Antipatterns to SOLID Principles.” This course is a treasure trove for aspiring and seasoned developers alike, aiming to elevate your coding skills and enhance your software design acumen.

Section 1: Introduction to Antipatterns Dive into the world of antipatterns with our introductory section. Begin with a clear definition, understanding the essence of antipatterns and their impact on software development. Preview Lecture 1 to get a taste of the insights you’ll gain. Progress to recognizing these patterns in your code, delve into their historical context, and celebrate your newfound knowledge with a congratulatory wrap-up.

Section 2: Embracing SOLID Design Principles Transition from antipatterns to the pillars of robust software design with our detailed exploration of SOLID principles. Each lecture is dedicated to one principle, starting from the Single Responsibility Principle to the Dependency Inversion Principle. These concepts are not just theories; they are the backbone of maintainable and scalable code.

Section 3: Golden Hammer Antipattern Uncover the nuances of the ‘Golden Hammer’ antipattern, where a familiar technology is overused, regardless of its suitability. With previews available, witness practical examples and refactoring techniques in JavaScript, C#, and Python, transforming knowledge into actionable skills.

Section 4: God Object Learn about the ‘God Object’ antipattern, where a single object holds too much responsibility and power within the codebase. Through examples in JavaScript, .NET, and Python, you’ll learn to refactor and distribute responsibilities for cleaner, more modular code.

Section 5: Copy Paste Syndrome Address the pitfalls of ‘Copy Paste Syndrome’ with our focused lectures. Explore how repeated code can be refactored across different languages, enhancing your ability to recognize and remedy this common issue.

Section 6: Lava Flow The ‘Lava Flow’ antipattern signifies hardened, obsolete solutions within the code. Our course provides practical refactoring sessions in JavaScript, .NET, and Python to help you navigate and modernize legacy code effectively.

Section 7: Spaghetti Code Tackle ‘Spaghetti Code’ head-on with engaging lectures and gaming examples in C#, JavaScript, and Python. Learn to unravel tangled logic and create a codebase that’s easy to read, maintain, and extend.

Section 8: Primitive Obsession Overcome ‘Primitive Obsession’, the overuse of primitives over object-oriented solutions. Through refactoring examples in C#, Python, and JavaScript, transform your approach to data structures and improve your code’s expressiveness.

Section 9: Big Ball Of Mud Decode the ‘Big Ball Of Mud’ antipattern, characterized by haphazardly structured systems. Engage with game-based examples in JavaScript, learning to refactor and evolve towards a structured and clean code environment.

Section 10: Refactoring and Addressing Antipatterns Conclude your learning expedition with advanced techniques for refactoring. Equip yourself with strategies to identify, address, and prevent antipatterns, ensuring your codebase remains healthy and efficient.

This course is not just a series of lectures; it’s an interactive, hands-on experience that will challenge you to think critically about software design. With previews available for select lectures, you can start your learning journey right away. Whether you’re looking to prevent common coding faux pas or striving to adopt industry-standard design principles, this course is your gateway to excellence in software development. Join us, and transform your coding skills from good to great!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to experts
  • Software Developers
  • Tech Leads
  • Software Architects
  • Quality Assurance/Test Engineers

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