Secrets To Cracking Government Exams Like SSC CGL & Others | Ankit Bhati Sir | RWA | Josh Talks

Secrets To Cracking Government Exams Like SSC CGL & Others | Ankit Bhati Sir | RWA | Josh Talks

Secrets To Cracking Government Exams Like SSC CGL & Others | Ankit Bhati Sir | RWA | Josh Talks – YouTube

(00:00) Government job is not like that that you will get selection after studying for two or three months, all these are hearsay things, you watch the interviews of toppers only if you are an average student then please if you are listening to those toppers then stop listening because That is their strategy.
(00:18) Another problem in government job is that many children are not able to choose which government job is good for them or which government job should I prepare for. For government job, I always say one thing that government job. Hello friends, Hello friends, I am Ankit Bhati friends, if I talk about this talk today, then I am going to tell you what things you should do for a government job, what should not be done and to what extent you should do it and to what extent it is right to do it.

(00:49) Whether it is there or not, we will talk about all these things and I will also tell you what things I have followed during my preparation. People say that brother, we only listen to those who are already there, so let me tell you first. Let me tell you that I myself am an MA, meaning I have resigned now in December 2023. I have done this job for about 10 years and I got this job through SSC CGL 2012 but before that my age was 18 years from 2009.
(01:19) And in 2012, when I joined SSC CGL job, in these three years I had taken 10 government jobs and this was my second job. Before that, I was selected in Delhi Police Constable, Head Constable, Sub Inspector everywhere. My CGL 2012 is also of SSC. This was the second attempt, before that in 2011, I got selected for Auditor in Chandigarh.

(01:42) I was also selected in SSC and FCI. Earlier, FCI used to conduct separate exams only through SSC. Now the entire FCI conducts its exams separately. Earlier, it was only through SSC. That too I am the one who was selected in UP, I was selected for Lucknow, so I did not join there too, although I come from a village background, then why did I not join, it is not that I did not join in 2009 when I was the first I became a bar constable and got selected for constable. My age would have been 18 years.
(02:08) One month or two months. My age would have been 18 years. And when I went to give the physical, I still remember that when I went to give that physical, I felt very young. Now do you think that I am bigger than a judge that my hair has blown up? Well, I am only 34 years old as a judge.

(03:20) That take it sir, I come from a very rural area, please select me, all my wishes will be broken and they did not listen at that time and they had said that there are LASIK etc., get it done, that will be done. ₹ It was time for Haj, so I removed that idea from my mind or I will spend Rs 253 thousand on it and then it is just a little operation type, better than that I would wear spectacles but I was giving very less time for it.
(03:49) Even if I could think that you have only one or two days, then I went out thinking that, I came and told my father that it is like this and he is saying like this and till then I have also given the SSC exam. When I had given two 10 plus two etc., my father told me, look, will you go to any other government job, the civil one is the one with uniform, the rest of the civil jobs, will you go to any government job, a little does not mean a lot of hard work is required, it will take a lot of hard work there.

(02:24) From 911 to 2024, 33 years or 35 years, a policeman there told me that brother, where is this child from? Have you come for physical? Have you turned 18 years old? When he said this to me, my friend was also there at that time and he said that he is a little older than his age, he is very old and looks younger. So when things like this happened, it was meant as a joke but I was 18 years old and I also cleared the physical and then I got that job, so then I am saying this for those children who get a little demotivated. I came to know about my side for the
(02:56) first time in 2009 when I went for medical, they had prescribed 6 Bana for both the eyes. At that time 6 Bana was required, today 6 Bana is also acceptable. When I wrote 6 by 9 in Delhi Police, I was very disappointed. On my side, I told so little about my vision or I remained very much on the sidelines. I tried a lot. Yes, in medical, we hear that a little goes a long way. I tried a lot.

(04:15) Physical job or compression is less, it is easily available, so he said this to me, then now you see, this decision is up to you, I cannot say this, if you have to pay more, then get this 25 Haj, get your LASIK done and get it done. So I said, okay, now I will not get this done and I will wear glasses from today onwards, so I dropped that chance there, it was very difficult for me to take that decision but I took that decision and only after that I became head constable etc.
(04:44) Or in many other places, my selection started happening slowly and in other places, then why I did not join, that is because as soon as I was in this, I would be in the second, then if I was in the second, I would be in the third, or three. If there are 10 selections within a year, then they are very different and selection means you have three to four months to join, so some of the good ones keep happening, some of the good ones keep on happening, so then I call that i.e. skip. I kept saying that it is okay and we will

(05:10) go to the good one, that next one is coming, if we do n’t go in that one, then the second one comes, why was I giving it continuously in the exam, then there was the one of 2011 and the one of FCI i.e. the one of CGL, both of them. I had fully made up my mind to join the Auditor course in 2011, but before that everything had been done for the 2012 exam and I had come to know that at that time there were interviews etc.
(05:31) in SSC CGL Prelims. At that time I had come to know about Mains and Interview as soon as I gave the interview that I will be selected here also, so I skipped that also which was my Auditor Chendi Gad and the result of Delhi Police Sub Inspector also came simultaneously at that time. It was of 2012, so I had skipped that also because by now I had got my MA because its final result had come, I am on 4600 grade, Delhi Police Sub Inspector was on 42 grade, so I chose this and finally in this. I joined, I got
(06:00) selected at many places, see, it was my decision that I did not join Delhi Police Constable, that is why I kept preparing and I kept getting selected, then many children get demotivated that if they get selected in a single recruitment. If there is no selection then our life is over. Please don’t do like this. Don’t think like this.

(06:20) If you continue your preparation then you will keep getting selections continuously and for government jobs, I always say one thing that for government jobs, Neither do you have to string all four subjects, Maths, Reasoning, GS, English. If you want a state job, then remove English, or Hindi, or something else.

(06:39) Apart from this, you do not have to do anything else. See, many children say that I am in that recruitment. I am preparing for it, I am doing it, I am doing it, you never run after recruitment, you run after the subject, you strengthen the subject, you will be selected everywhere, you have to make only four subjects, again I am saying these four subjects.
(06:59) If you do it, then there is no power in the world that can stop you from getting a government job. There is open competition for everyone, so brother, four subjects are not a difficult task. Now how to select for four subjects, meaning how to study, where to study, how to study. This is a big confusion, earlier offline used to be offline, there was one thing in everyone’s mind that either there is a regional teacher near us, we will go to his coaching center or it used to be that we will go to Mukherjee Nagar, like this,

(07:25) these were famous in Delhi now, so there. But the child had a direct direction that I have to go there, the one who wants to go here used to do it again. In today’s time, offline things have gradually reduced and everything has been replaced with online. You children are not reliable on offline.
(07:43) It is true and it is also true because in comparison to offline, neither you have to leave your house nor you have to spend a lot of money, many things are available for free, hence children have shifted a lot towards online since the time of Corona, but in online. And in offline, children always have a little confusion. The confusion of offline is that brother, there was nothing that one has to study here, whoever will study will be selected, it was clear cut in the mind, but a lot of money was spent and after spending it, It was not a guarantee that you get selected,

(08:14) in online you have many options, you have many options available, for free, for paid, for very expensive fees, for very cheap fees, you have to choose and here we are not able to choose, we wander here. There are too many distractions, one cannot study on mobile, this was the thinking of the family members, but that too is changing, one cannot study unless the teacher is present, that is also changing, children start feeling like this on mobile, many comments come to us too. They come saying sir, we are having the
(08:46) same feeling as if we are sitting in an offline class, but why do you have to have that feeling or in offline, 500 children study together, if you study online then the teacher is teaching you alone, so you So get a good feeling from that, you cannot ask anything in Rs 500, here you can ask anything by commenting, there you cannot speak directly to the teacher, here you talk a lot, so here you have all the facilities, so overall all these things are It is for your better but here the choice is very difficult. I
(09:15) always say one thing to all my students that you take time in choosing, you look at the record of the teacher, you read their comments. In the beginning, when you are choosing, whom should I do Math with? Look at the results, what are they able to do, what are they able to get done, are they true to their words? Have the children said something negative that will impact me in the future? They are negative in many other ways, but there is nothing negative like that.

(09:39) These teachers do not make you complete the entire course, they do not make you do it, see those things and then read the most important thing yourself, take two or three classes from them and after taking the classes, then decide for yourself how much of what these teachers are saying to me, or you.
(09:54) You may be understanding the whole thing or you may be understanding some percentage of things, then if you are understanding the whole thing then you should choose. If the teacher is good in completing the course nature wise then study from him only and if you are understanding some percentage of things.
(10:07) If something is being skipped in the exam, then move to another teacher, study with him also and see if you are able to connect with at least three or four teachers whose names you may or may not be familiar with. Are they able to catch your problems or not or are they made only for high level students or for medium career students like me, these teachers can teach me all these things, you will have to think and decide yourself.

(10:33) Children, we are not able to choose this, what do we do, if a teacher has a good name, we start running after him, I have a good name, this teacher is very good for this exam, this channel is very good, I say that we can be good but You should also analyze yourself, those teachers can also be very good, whose name does not become famous just like that, but it is very important to analyze yourself, please do that, then once you have analyzed and selected a teacher, then do not deviate from that teacher.
(11:03) But trust with all your heart whatever he is doing, just read what he is saying, believe in those things, then do not think that he did this, that teacher did this, then question and answer. No, that is a shortcoming in your selection. If you are giving medicine to that teacher then you should have done the selection properly.
(11:20) Brother, you have to be very careful while selecting the online teacher and then you have to follow them completely, then you should take the selection. You will find that selection from offline was also done because there you had to study from only one teacher, here you have many options available, hence you keep wandering continuously.
(11:40) I meet many such children who say that Sir, right now. We could not decide in three months whether we should study this from him or whether we should study that from him, brother, three months have passed, you have got total four months for the exam, now how will you get selection in one month, before coming in that one month they ask us that sir.

(11:57) How will the selection be done sir, tell me what should I do in one month, how will it be possible, you have wasted three months and brother, now the government job is not like that that you will get selection after studying for two or three months, all these are the things heard by you toppers. You watch the interview only because you think that he leaves after saying that he has studied for four or five months for four or five months.
(12:18) We brother, he is a topper, he has studied very well in the classes, he must have had a very good grip on the subject. If he is telling the truth then he would have got selected in five months after studying for five hours but it cannot be yours because if you are looking at him then you are a very average student and if you are going to be a topper then you have to give interview to the toppers.

(12:33) It is certain that if you are an average student then please stop listening to those toppers because that is their strategy, they will not get anything out of it for you, find something of your own, the teachers whom you trust. Listen to their words and follow them blindly, but keep the choice good, then it is certain that you will pass every exam and see, it does not matter whether the teacher is good or bad, to pass the exam, you also have to see that I have learned everything. Now I am doing any question from the book,
(13:07) I am giving mock test, am I able to get all my questions correct now, have you studied from the teacher? May be your teacher is constantly teaching the same things and is updated only. If you are not aware of what is being updated in the content, now in the exams, if it is not updated in the latest competitive exams, then you will be at a loss, then you should see the previous year papers to know what is being updated. Secondly, you should see this.

(13:33) What are the scores we are able to score in the mock tests which are being conducted by different platforms? Only if you do mock tests of only those teachers who are teaching you, then you will also be at a loss. No, because he will give you the things taught by you only, if you adopt all these things then you will strengthen all the subjects very quickly, but keep the target of preparation for at least one year if you are an average student.
(14:02) And make a strategy for your studies for at least seven to eight hours and follow it without stopping. You are definitely giving very good exams. There is another problem in government job. Many children are not able to choose which government for me.

(14:16) It takes a lot of time for him to decide whether the job is good or which government job should I prepare for or he is doing the wrong thing which he should do instead of doing it for someone else, then again he is wasting his time. And finally he remains employed, this is also a big problem, for this I would tell you that first you should check your eligibility. How is eligibility? Suppose you are preparing for a police job and you are either not medically fit or physically fit.
(14:44) Physically fit means if your height is not that much then you will get stuck, then there is no use because you are preparing for job police exam, then you have set your mind that brother, I have to do the previous year of police also, I have to cut this much. Now you have to clear all that mindset, if you are not thinking about anything other than the police, then it will be a problem for you.

(14:59) Well, I have learned one thing from my father that he always used to take two-three options even though you got many toppers. You will be found especially in civil services saying that I used to dream only about this, hence I have achieved it. Seeing only one dream is wrong, in my opinion you should not see only one dream because you are an average student and if you are from a village background.
(15:18) If you belong then you should always keep options in your hand and how would those options be? Those options would be such that I should prepare for police and I should also focus on this exam but choose that. How do you see that whatever you want for police? You were studying the subjects in the exams, now all these subjects are coming in which exam, then if all the same subjects are coming in that exam also, then you should focus on that exam also and many times it happens that one gets very high in an exam. Superficial things are

(15:46) asked, in some exams, deep things are asked, that is why I had said one thing in the beginning, that is, brother, do not prepare by watching the exam, you should prepare by watching the subject because in that exam. Maths is also coming, Reasoning is coming in that exam too, GS is coming in that exam too, so please prepare by looking at the subject, then it will be easy for you to choose in the selection of government job, brother, which government job are you going for? turn your thanks

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