Sales Training Masterclass: Sell More, Close More, Earn More:Free Udemy Course 2024

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What you will learn in this Free Udemy Course

  • You will learn how to create instant rapport with your prospect.
  • You will learn how to make “cold” and “warm” calls without stress FOR YOU OR YOUR Prospect.
  • Learn how to make Powerful Presentations, Qualify your Prospect, and handle Objections.
  • Learn The Six Top Closing Scenarios.
  • Learn how to create a Cold Call Script that will truly have your Prospect willing to listen to you.
  • Every Sale Starts With The Right Mindset
  • Digging For Gold – Prospecting For Customers
  • How To Nurture & Solidify Your New Relationship With a Prospect
  • W.I.I.F.M – It’s Not Your Favorite Radio Station
  • Handling Objections
  • What Does Leonardo DiCaprio Got That I Don’t Got?
  • Master Effective Small Talk
  • Understanding the Gatekeeper’s Job
  • Create a Sense of Urgency Early in Your Conversation So It’s Not A “Sales Tactic” Later
  • Closing the Sale: With (SOFT) Nosey Questions
  • Five Major Fears Your Prospect is Feeling And You Need To Deal With
  • How to Start a Conversation and Get Someone’s Attention
  • Stop Being Needy
  • How To Deal With Call Reluctance

What you will get in this Free Udemy courses?


  • No experience is needed. You will learn everything you need to become a terrific salesperson.
  • You’ll learn everything from having the RIGHT MINDSET all the way to CLOSING THE SALES AND GETTING REFERRALS


You will learn Everything from having the right MIND-SET for a Sales career to Calling Prospects, to Presenting, Handling Objections, Closing Sales, and Follow-up to get Referrals.  I teach Corporations and individuals how to Master the Art of Selling using Psychology and Human Nature. 

Over the years, I have owned 8 businesses in 8 different industries.  What I learned was that what worked in one industry doesn’t work in another industry.  So I’ve learned how to become adaptable in sales.  Then I had to teach my teams how to excel in their sales careers. 

I’m a Best-Selling author on Amazon for my book called Master Of The One Call Close!

In one of my careers, I was responsible for 47 offices and 850 salespeople.  In six years I helped take the company from 28M a year to 99M! 

In the past 3 years, I have taught Corporate sales teams and private individuals across 34 countries and I’ve got over 700 FIVE-STAR REVIEWS.  Gone are the days of old selling methods.  You have to learn how to deal with and read your Prospect reactions.  You have to learn the psychology of sales instead of using tricks or old-fashioned methods.  By the end of this course, your Sales Skills will be excellent and your value to any employer will be greatly enhanced.

Who this course is for:

  • Entry-level or mid-experienced sales employees who lack confidence in their selling skills and want to grow their career by improving their SELLING skills.

How to Apply for this Free Udemy Course?

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