Reality of FREE Courses & Online Webinars {ALERT FOR EVERYONE}

What is the strategy behind free courses, webinars, PDFs, free books? I have told you many times that this is a funnel strategy. First give something for free and then upsell it. This is what is happening in the market. So here, you are given a free course. You are taken from A to B. Now you think that I have started to understand something.

Strategy behind Free Courses?

Now you say that if you want to go further, then give me money. You understand how I explain. You are understanding. If you want to know more details, then give me money. And there is nothing wrong in this. I am not saying that this funnel is wrong. Not giving full knowledge to someone and taking money from them is wrong.

FREE Courses

They also have to take care of their house. They are also taking money. Okay. No doubt, that thing is right. But we have to understand that the product which the person is giving, what is the worth of that product? If the worth of that product is good, then it is very good for us. Otherwise, it is not.

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Many people do free courses. I will give you my example. I have taken two types of free courses. I have taken a free digital marketing course. I have taught everything there for free. Now if someone wants to learn from me physically or in detail, then he will come to me and take my course in detail.

So, first of all, this funnel was made. Second, I have all the clients. If you have a business, you have seen that series, you said that he knows digital marketing. If you want to do it, then you have to get it done from him. I will get clients. This funnel was made there. Recently, I started a free SEO course.

What was the strategy of the free SEO course?

I was taking a course online for the first time. So, there can be many problems. I didn’t know how to handle online. What problems will come and what will not. So, I started the first batch. We tried it there. There were many problems. The students are also very good.

They participate with us very well. So, they told us to improve more. Now, because of this, we have reached a good level. Now, when we take out the next batch, there will be no problems that this batch has experienced. If they had taken money from them and these problems would have come, then our name would have been spoiled.

Now, they didn’t take money from us and they are not getting any problem. In fact, they are helping us to grow. What I did was, I asked them to write content. They wrote 8 blogs. Now, I am putting those 8 blogs on my website. I will get Adsense. I will get SEO done from them. I will indirectly get Adsense from them.

I will earn from them indirectly the way I wanted to keep the course. In 1-2 years, in 3 years, I will get that money on recovery. So, this is my strategy. Now, what is happening? They are also learning practically. They are trying it. Now, the website will be ranked. Even if I get money from them, but they have ranked it.

They have worked hard. So, their portfolio is made. They also benefited. I got money. I also benefited. So, my funnel was to get free courses.

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