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(00:00) I will give you such a challenge through which I guarantee that you can take your English level from here to here within 30 days. This is it, have faith in yourself, you have to reach your destination, no matter how difficult it is, you have to show it. Hi everyone, my name is Mehak Dhawan and I am the owner of Isles Domination an Isles Trainer and an English Language Expert.

(00:25) Now I will give you a challenge through which I guarantee that you can take your English level from here to here within 30 days. This is a Hello Challenge. Hello Challenge says that you need to communicate on a daily basis for atleast 10 minutes for a good number of 30 days. After 30 days you will see a level up in yourself.

(00:49) Now how to do that communication. Do you have someone to talk to? Talk very well, if there is no one there, so many websites are available today, go to shopping website on any website, dial the phone, talk to customer care, but talk, what will happen, will you talk wrong, what will happen, will be nervous, what will happen, will be underconfident, but at last your work should be done.

(01:12) You will get confidence after 30 days that you can talk in English. The most major reason for not speaking confidently in English is that we do not want to talk in English. We adopt a shortcut that we use the same language. We use what we do in normal daily language, what we do normally in our homes, we think that we will use the same things, this is where we make a mistake, if we want to be successful, if we want to achieve our success, then we You will have to adopt those things which have become basic in today’s date,

(01:46) that is English, please try this 30 day challenge, use this challenge, hello challenge, do this in which you have to communicate, in which you have to talk, even on any topic, but There is one condition that this challenge will be continuous, there will be no break in between in this challenge, 30 days means 30 days, so if you are someone who is trying to crack the isles test, then you must have seen some video of mine, some reel or some other.

(02:16) You must have seen some photo, plus followers on instagram2 Talking about my journey My journey did not start just from here, my journey started long ago when I was in standard third or fourth, in under third fourth when most of the children used to hang out outside their I used to have a lot of friends in one circle. There was a lot of group of friends.

(02:38) This was not the case with me. I liked my company very much. I was very self-conscious. I did not think that I was underconfident, but I felt that I was in my own company. I loved living together and from here my teaching started. I started teaching long ago. I still remember, when I used to run away from school, I used to take my mother’s chunni and I would wrap it in a saree and cover it with the walls. I used to start teaching.

(03:05) I loved reading so much. I was shocked by both reading and teaching since childhood. I was good in studies. I never faced any such problem in studies. I came from a Financial Express. Will I be able to do something in future? Will I be able to become something in future? Just to answer this question, I thought that it is very important for me to learn communication skills.

(03:41) It is very important for me to express myself and present myself in front of the world. I always new that I never wanted to go into the corporate field, this is my It was my choice, I never had any hatred, but it was my own choice, I had to do something of my own, in the search of doing that, I understood that it is very important for me to come forward and to come forward, it is very important for me to communicate and I decided that I need to grow with this growing world.

(04:10) For him, learning English had become a very trivial thing. In today’s date, the one who does not know English was considered that he does not know even a basic thing about English. Everyone is judged in the world, then my schooling life ended, my grades were good, I got good marks, I did graduation because my parents wanted me to do graduation, post graduation and from the beginning, my mother has instilled one thing in my mind very much, her guidance for me.

(04:44) It is very important in life and from there I learned that every girl should understand from Financial Express that it is very important for me to complete my studies well. Now you must be thinking that where did I come here from Isles, how did I come to Isles. How I became an Isles Trainer How I built my own business I built it absolutely because I understood that I love reading and teaching and I had to take this thing forward.

Spoken English

(05:26) Today there are 90 such youngsters who are following their passion. I remember one fine day when I saw an Isles book at my house Yes because my brother was preparing for his Isles test and then I came to know that Isles too It happens that I liked teaching and reading from the beginning, so once I saw that book and read that book, I understood that this book contains only what I like, teaching reading, I liked it very much from the beginning.

(05:53) Think for yourself, a fourth-fifth class. The girl who used to teach on the walls and a sixth class girl who got her first tuition of ₹, today she has made such a big business. Maybe today you people are thinking that this is just 00, but that ₹ has helped me today.

(06:14) That teacher who made such a big business taught me that if I could earn my money by teaching a small child, then what can I do today when I have taught so many thousands of children? Today I help those children. I am teaching those who want to go out and earn their name and make their own life. Some know English, some do not know English, some know Concept English and some know the grammar of English.

(06:43) Today I am helping those children by giving this help. I try to collect all these together so that he can clear his ILS paper and achieve success. My ILS journey started when I saw my brother attempting my ILS paper and preparing for ILS. When a free book came to my house from the IDP and when I saw and understood that book, I understood that there are things in this book, it is knowledge, it is information which today’s children can understand.

(07:19) Now I have understood that my job is to combine this information and present it to the world in such a way that they can easily find the path to success in their work. Now I will tell you. That’s what is ISLS test About ISLS is an English proficiency test ISLS will check you for this. ISLS exam will tell your examiner that if you go out, will you be able to understand in foreign situations because there everything is done in English only.

(07:52) So, will you be able to present your views there, will you be able to accept the ideas there and will you be able to present your ideas, this is the work of coming in front of people. Now friends, there are four modules in ILS, Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening and the same is true in English. There are main four components which you have to cover.

(08:12) Some strategy based knowledge is there in ISLS, so if you can give the strategizer’s paper, but that strategizer will know English only then you will be able to do his strategizer’s strategizer, then ISLS English and strategizer will be connected. You can move ahead, you cannot do this, just read ISLS, do not study English or read only English, do not read ISLS, if you do one thing, the other two things will happen automatically.

(08:50) Now please do not think that this video is only for ISLS students. No, it is not so, this video is for all those who want to learn English, as they said that in today’s date, English communication has become a very important thing, it has become a very basic thing on the basis of which you will be judged, it is positive as well as negative.

(09:13) But it is true that we have to accept that today many people are judged on the basis of English. I noticed one thing in my Isles journey that here the highest minimum ratio remains who want to go out or who want to move ahead. Those who want to study or want to learn English are vomiting due to lack of opportunity or due to lack of interest and due to lack of too many responsibilities, they do not have time, they do not have the passion, they do not have the enthusiasm which they need. Through this he could move ahead and

(09:48) achieve his success. I did research. This question kept coming to my mind again and again that why are so many children coming every month, all boys and girls were not coming. When I talked about it I got I understood that the ratio of women is less and women do not want to move forward. I would like to put forward this thing that today it is very important for women to move forward.

(10:12) Financial Express If I talk about obstacles, then they are in the form of most of the people. People have opinions. Very quickly a form is formed that this can be done, this cannot be done, this should be done or should not be done, then automatically we make them our obstacles. They also came in my journey but one thing was very clear to me from the beginning that I I definitely have to do something in future, whether I do less or do more, whether I earn this much or this much, but I definitely had to earn something, this is what

(10:55) I would like to say to everyone in the future, earn this much or earn this much, but definitely earn something, everyone has something or the other. There is some passion, some interest, some choice. Please follow that, follow that thing and you will automatically see that you have so many passions which you had not even thought about.

(11:16) What was I, I used to teach only the walls, today I have taught the same thing. Made a business of your own by teaching the walls. Can’t you do it? Is anyone fond of cooking? Can’t anyone run their house through cooking? You can definitely run it. There are tiffin services, there are restaurant services. There are so many options.

(11:32) Someone is very fond of make-up. Is n’t it your responsibility? Now finally I would like to say that don’t make English a fear, learn English, how to conquer it, how to achieve it, how to work beyond what I told you, hello challenge, I guarantee you will use it once. Do it and share your experience on this video as to where according to you your confidence and your English has gone.

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