MEN! You Need To Watch This Now | Men Rights In India | Barkha Trehan

MEN! You Need To Watch This Now | Men Rights In India | Barkha Trehan

(00:00) An incident similar to Nirbhaya happened with a boy living in Jind. One day his wife beat him so much. Not only the wife but her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, all the four and five people together beat him to death with a stick in his private part. Put three packets of red chilli in it.
(00:20) This is a heart-wrenching case. There is a ministry for dogs in this country. Dogs also have a hearing. Are men worse than dogs? My name is Barkha Ta Rehan, I talk about men, I am President of Men’s Commission NGO, I have come before you today to tell you some truths that I believe that neither all women are Sita nor all men are Ravana. A woman has filed a rape case against one of my friends.
(01:11) Now the whole family was very worried, out of that the mother called me and told me the condition of the son, that the son has not done any mistake, son, I know my son, I have asked him a lot, my son has not done anything like this but it is amazing. That no one does advocacy for the men, no one wants to listen to them, so I too did not listen to them, I ignored my mother, after mother, some messages came from the boy, first my sister also called, I thought what if? What happened to this family? Why are they covering up the misdeeds of their sons?

(01:55) He must have done something, that’s why he came to know like madam. It was a dark night, I still remember the dark nights and winter days, my mother was crying. Called crying, son will die otherwise don’t come home to shed two tears, I thought this is really something serious, I will have to listen, next day I went to his house, understood the whole thing, showed some evidences, mother and sister also told something.
(02:33) I thought that no, I should listen to him. When I listened to him, I came to know that no, the boy is not completely wrong. Then I told him that I want to talk to a girl. He also gave me the number of the girl. I talked to her also. Tried to do this but she would not even let me connect, she would disconnect me and never talked to that girl.
(02:56) Now what was the intention behind it, that girl should know because in our country it is a norm set that a man who Isn’t she guilty from day one and all women are the same, Sita, she speaks the truth, she is the goddess of truth, man always lies, who will listen to her, so she is guilty, we declare on day one, well, I helped her.
(03:18) The first big problem he had was that he had come into suicidal tendencies. When he comes into suicidal tendencies, it becomes very difficult for someone. He gets into mental trauma. That person’s health is very poor. Then in that condition he is not able to do anything, neither is he able to eat anything nor is he able to sleep.
(03:37) In such a condition he becomes like a half-dead. Then those cases go on for years and years. You know how the cases go on in the court for years and years. Just a few days ago, I came to know that he left India because the case is definitely over but still those things are not over – rapist, rapist, rapist, rapist, rapist, his relatives, his friends.

(04:03) They do not leave, they remind again and again that perception has to be changed, this notion has to be changed, that is why I advocate for men’s rights because I know that if women were harassed many years ago, today it is happening to men also but No voice was raised for the men when it happened with the women, the whole country, the entire male society comes together and fights for their rights, but when the men’s turn comes, no one comes forward, no one fights back.
(04:40) Had we been fighting back then the condition of men would not have been like this today. Now let me tell you the data of NCRB. Husband suicide is three times more. The situation is going from bad to worse. The data is very frightening but what our law makers say. All the ministers, all the people who are involved in this entire process, I would also mention the Judiciary, all of them are sitting silent, all of them are sitting forgotten.
(05:09) Deaf ears means they don’t even have a dog on their ears. There is a ministry for dogs in this country. Dogs also have hearing. Women have hearing. Children have hearing. Even insects have hearing. Are men worse than dogs? Even trees and plants have hearing. Whatever pain their promoters have, where should I go and tell them? Tell me, if whatever is wrong with a man, where should he tell what is wrong with him, where should he raise his voice if injustice is being done to him? First of all, the man is
(05:45) so shy, he is so emotional, the man feels a lot of pain, but the man is very He is emotional, he is unable to speak, he feels ashamed, the society has become such that a man cannot cry, he cannot tell if he has any pain of his own and even if he wants to tell, who will listen to us, who talk about this quality, whenever men talk about it? Anything provocative happens, we never raise our voice.

(06:13) Do you think that a man doesn’t feel pain? Tell me, in your house too, there is a brother, a husband, a son, a father, mail colleagues and you. If they feel pain, then you will not feel pain. Why Aren’t We Empathetic Towards Men? What I mean to say is that if a woman is feeling pain for you, then your chest should feel pain, then if a man is feeling pain, then your chest should be feeling pain in the same way.
(06:41) Now I will tell you something. I would like to tell the cases. Sarbjit was standing at the red light. What happened to him? The poor guy was standing at the red light of Delhi. Now tell me, Delhi is the capital. They say yes, it is the capital of India. He was standing at the red light of Tilak Nagar in West Delhi. Next is Red.
(06:59) Lakhs of people stand at the light throughout the day. Lakhs of people in the whole country stand at the red light. So what crime have I committed? My brother said, ‘Yes, I have a stool station. Police came early in the morning. Can you imagine that you can go to your home?’ I am sleeping comfortably and early in the morning the police come to your house and say that you have done molestation, which you have not done, you do not know anyone, you are sitting on your motorcycle at the red light, but the lodges we have are so many.
(07:26) Bayswater truth is 100% truth and how can what the boy said be 100% lie, this is not possible, then you heard the story of Sarvjeet that the poor guy found it so difficult to stand at a red light and after that in all the media houses. It was said that he is very powerful, he is a rapist, he is this poor guy, he was in the court for 6 years, the girl ran away to Canada, the poor boy remained a pistachio, he lost his job, there were so many problems at home, do you know the condition of his parents is very bad. His
(08:00) health became very bad, his parents’ own mental condition was also not good, but now what will he do if he dies, what doesn’t he do, if he is a man, then he is guilty, now if he is guilty, then he has to go to the court, kept going to the court continuously for 6 years. Later the court gave him Avital, now no one in the whole country knows this because when he used to travel in metro or bus, obviously he was from a middle class family, so the metro bus is used by the middle class, so people called him That rapist used to say,
(08:30) think that you have not committed any crime and someone calls you in this manner, how much that person must be dying every day, how badly they are behaving, then just think, is this not injustice to the boys? Tiwari, this boy from Lalitpur UP remained in jail for 20 years. I did not say 20 days, I did not say 20 minutes.
(09:03) He remained in jail for 20 years. A crime was never done. A woman had filed a rape case against him. Allahabad High Court gave a quittal after 20 years. Vishnu Tiwari, when Vishnu Tiwari reached his home, he was so broken because he had tried to commit suicide several times in the jail. I had gone to meet him and saw his hands were hammers.

(09:32) It seemed as if he had broken thousands of rotis and stones and he told me. He told how much torture he faced, every time he received a letter that his mother died, sometimes his father died, sometimes someone else died, many of his relatives, many farms, barns, everything was sold, see, he kept fighting for 20 years, everything was sold.
(09:54) Now after 20 years, we started fighting for their compensation but can anyone tell me whether their golden period can come back? If Vishnu Tiwari ‘s acid attack happens on a girl, I am often called on debates. But in the same Agra, there was an acid attack on a boy who was in a live-in relationship.
(10:17) The boy died. When I called the police station, the policeman is saying, “Tell me, what should I do? I can’t keep quiet. I would like to tell you this, policeman.” You are saying, let the bastard die, what is your concern, why is it like this? Some have a son, some have a brother, how can they die like this, you were living in a live-in relationship, if there is protection then it should be about both the genders and not just one.
(10:45) Why would we do this? Let me tell you the Nirbhaya incident. The entire nation was demanding justice for Nirbhaya in one voice. The same thing happened with a boy living in Jind, he was a cattle herder and a farmer, meaning a small farmer. He used to have minor fights with his wife, one day his wife beat him so much, not the wife alone but his mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, all the four and five people together beat him badly with a stick in his private part.
(11:26) He inserted three packets of red chillies. This is a heart-wrenching case. When he inserted chillies with a stick in his private part, what would have happened to him? His intestine got ruptured. He was admitted in PGI Rohtak. His sister called me crying and Said that my brother will die, my brother will die, the police are not listening, please come there immediately, we reached there, there were about 10 people, we immediately ran away, immediately went to Ratak, met the policeman there, we made a request to Khan Saheb.
(12:03) That Sir, look at what this girl and her family have done, arrest them. Khan Saheb said, don’t worry at all. I had to protest because he was not even arresting her. She again met SP Saheb and got the entire family arrested. There are countless such cases. Let me tell you about the Genpack case. Swaroop Raj used to work in Genpack.
(12:27) He was a loyal employee. He was a good performer for more than 6 years in that company. He kept getting awards every time for being the best performer. One day he was told that You don’t need to come from tomorrow, you have been sexually harassed, there is a case against you, you leave your laptop and there is no need to come from tomorrow, the boy who never thought like this, never did this, he came home so upset.
(12:59) That he wrote a letter, a suicide letter, that mother, I cannot prove my innocence even after death and that letter is still with me and he died. His wife also worked in the same company. Only six months had passed since their marriage. Even this matter was not reached, the company did not talk to anyone, they just gave a statement that you are a molester, do not come from tomorrow, you have harassed me, this is how it happens, will we listen to one side, will we not listen to the other side of the coin, will
(13:36) our eyes be completely closed? Are they closed? Do we not have to see the truth or is it not visible? Just think about it and today that boy is not with us but uncle and aunt are still fighting that case, fighting for justice, I don’t know how many countless others. We will have to fight for peace and justice.
(13:56) This is my request to my governments or to you all that whenever boys get trapped somewhere or there is any promoter with them, the government should make a Men’s Commission, which I had to make by NGO. How many can I help? So the government’s job is to make a men’s commission and all the laws are equal, gender neutral laws and a men’s commission, these are the only two demands, the Supreme Court itself has said that the number of cases is 95 but it is false.

(14:31) And the people who put 498, the court knows that it is fake, it is already known, but still the law is very biased, the law only looks at one side, the law is not gender neutral, I repeatedly draw your attention to this. That’s why I am asking you to join this campaign. We will have to convince the society to make this law gender neutral and we will have to raise this voice strongly to the law makers who are the Prime Minister of our country and other ministers.
(15:01) I will not remain silent, I will keep fighting till my last breath, but I am not getting the support I should get from the men of the society, I would like to appeal to them too, I would also like to appeal to the mothers and sisters of this country. I would like you to join, work at the grassroots level, see what is going wrong, raise your voice against injustice, do not look at gender, this is a woman, so I have to speak, if this is a man, then I will remain silent, this is transgender, then I will remain silent, it is not so
(15:30) and these are the issues. The above act of domestic violence is not neutral, it is not gender neutral. Do you think that domestic violence happens only with girls? Today the time has come when domestic violence should be made gender neutral. Now you keep watching, the cases are increasing in lakhs.
(15:48) Crores of cases are coming every day, 5 crore already cases are pending, so whenever you see the increase in cases, what do you have to do? You have to stay safe. You are in great need of counselling. The government should create counseling centres. The government should create a helpline number. Now till the government does not make it, you people can approach me, you can highlight these things on social media, if you have any media friends, convey this to them, force them to tell about these cases also to the media houses. Because as long as you
(16:19) speak up man, you memorize a formula, speak up man, whatever wrong has happened to you, whether it has happened inside the house, see, no man is safe anywhere, neither inside the house, nor in the office, nor outside the house, I have given you all the examples. Now tell me, if it is not safe anywhere, but you will remain silent, you will become a laughing stock, people will laugh at you, they will just laugh and ignore you, so you will not have to remain silent, Speak Up Man, that is why I have also made a documentary film, The Curse of
(16:45) Man, on my youtube1. You can go to Rehan 16 and see its trailer. I also have a trailer because of his words, his crying, his promoters, and no one wants to talk about him, so I had to make a documentary film, after that I have also made a short film, one sided. Love, there are fake sexual harassment cases.
(17:14) Boys and girls work everywhere in the corporate sector. So when a fake case comes against a boy, he becomes suicidal. This entire story is based on that, when I and you are my voice and Raise high I am with you 24 hours 24 * 7 365 days I have the passion and I advocate for men’s rights and I will keep doing this till my last breath I will keep doing this till my death I swear in front of you today that till There will be no change, I will not sit silent, I will keep fighting this battle.

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