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MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024

Hello everyone, my name is Piyush Sharma and welcome to Coursecut. You all know that many important updates keep coming for you guys and guys, let me tell you that if you are a college going student then you can also earn. You can do it and along with that, your internships can also be completed almost.
If you look at many colleges, internships are made mandatory and their grades are also counted. And guys, I am telling you, if you do internships. Be it from any government reputed organization, definitely they also build your resume and till the duration of your internship, you can earn a fixed amount which is of this type. You can utilize it in preparing for your competition exam.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Application

So guys, I am telling you here that today’s internship has come under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and it is official. If you see their announcement, its complete details have been done. It is also available on the official website and if we talk about it guys, then the name of this internship is Digital India Internship Scheme 2024.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024

If guys, if you talk about its purpose guys then you all know what the Government of India is. We are trying to open many such opportunities for the college going students so that they can build their skills because you all know that in our education system, the skill-based things are often missed. But now to focus on such things, to enhance your practical knowledge, to develop your skills etc. , such internship schemes are also coming here.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Eligibility

So guys if If we look at these internships, this internship scheme is running under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and here if you look at the definitions, they have given a lot of details, here you will also get a stipend about eligibility. What they have kept is that you should belong to Indian India, your marks should be above 60, whatever is your degree and certificate, whatever you are pursuing, if you are a BE, B. Tech student, ME, M.Tech student, Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science, IT, Electronics and Communication, Electronics and Electrical students should also be from CSIT Electronics, Electrical students are eligible here, BE and B.Tech Electronics and Communications are from Electronics, if you have done MSc in Electronics, you are also eligible, then guys multiple here.

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But whatever your eligibility is, if you are eligible then you can apply here. Guys, here I would like to tell you that if you look inside these internships, then according to the last semester, your last semester is Will pass out in summer 2024, those people are not eligible, meaning those who are passing out in 2024 are not eligible, apart from that, all the college going students will be eligible here.

If you are a ME MTech student then if you are in 2024. If you are not passing out, then you are eligible, then your eligibility is given here. Duration of internship, which will remain here, slots are going to be played for you and its complete schedule is available here like cyber law which is the area.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Domains

Of the Intensipps, there are slots in two slots, in Digital Fourier there are in six slots, there are two slots, so there are different ones, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Cloud Computing Architecture, many different areas, you are getting to see them here and its duration is here. The number of slots on the pay and how many slots are there are also mentioned.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Location

The internships are going to be held in New Delhi only, so it is also a good thing that you can do the internship in New Delhi to apply for it. Which is the official website., so now I will also give you an overview of it. You have to go here and apply. Let’s talk about the selection. Guy, the internship will be shortlisted for you. the division here is the selection according to the concern domain.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Selection Process

There will be interns, they may be your personal or Skype interview, for that also you will be selected here and their names will also come on the web portal very soon. Apart from this, if we see, some code of conduct has also been given to you which you will get here. But you should know that placement here says that any internship does not mean that you will finally work here in this ministry, it is a way of training for you in which you can earn and take stipend.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Stipend

And if we talk about stipend here, then you will get monthly stipend of Rs. 10000. You will have to take care of all the interns here. Apart from this, when your internship is completed, then Later definitely you also get certificates which are very reputed certificates, it is from the mini mystery of the government, so definitely its value is also very high.

MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024 Important Dates

Apart from this, guys, they have mentioned many things here, if we talk about the dateline, guys. So the dateline that they have kept is that this internship started on 6th May 2024. Submission of application online which is from 6th to 21st May, you have to fill the form in between its duration, the selection will be done between 20th to 28th May. The results will be available on 29th May. The offers for internships will also be available to you on 29th May and the candidates for internships will be here on 29th to 30th May. Waitlisted candidates will also be there if you agree first. Those who do not join, your internship will be completed by August 2024 and the certificate will be provided to you in the month of August, so guys, they have given all the details.

How to Apply for MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024?

To apply for MeitY Digital India Internship Scheme 2024, Visit:

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