I Became Viral, Even PM Narendra Modi Awarded Me, But Why? | @TechPlusGadgetsyt 

I Became Viral, Even PM Narendra Modi Awarded Me, But Why? | @TechPlusGadgetsyt 

(00:00) I had a very basic mobile camera and a selfie stick that my sister had brought from a fair. I stuck that selfie stick on my feet, attached my mobile phone and made a video in broken English, but here is a twist. When I used to upload videos, neither did I tell my family nor did I tell my friends that I used to upload videos on YouTube3.
(00:24) Within three to four months, we went from 1 lakh to 1 million followers and in just three months we went from 1 million to 1 million. Had a reach of 2 million but after six months. I have been following Josh Talk very well since I was in college and I used to tell everyone who is coming to Josh Talk to listen to my story.
(00:47) His story is so inspiring, he is getting everything, so I always believed in the lucky angle, but today I am standing at the same place, but the problem is that now my perspective has completely changed. There used to be a word of luck or how did they get everything? All those things have changed. They say that life and time is the best teacher.

(01:10) So before I start my story, let me tell you about myself, my name. Hai Naman Deshmukh and I am the founder of Tech Plus Gadget. I create tech and information on the internet all over the social media. Now our family is more than 7 million, so the story starts from Bhind city which is near Gwalior. My mother was a nurse there and my father also had some work there, but my mother used to take me with her to the hospital.
(01:37) I and my sister were brought up in such a way that both of us were father and mother. He used to go to work, so we had to go with him. Once upon a time, I was with my mother in her lap. Mom was going towards the hospital. A random man tried to snatch me from her lap. You can call it a kind of kidnapping, but that thing seems a little funny to me, at that time my family was very scared, especially my mother because she decided that very day that brother, he should leave this city and go to us. I will have to tell my father that
(02:10) now we will have to take transfer because the city at that time was not so safe. Now when it comes to transfer, there were many cities in MP where transfers were going to be done. But the vacancies were very full at that time, so whatever vacancy mom got at that time, she got transferred there, like there was a town near Bhopal called Beras or whatever mom was transferred there, there was a small town there, we were there.
(02:35) People left everything, my schooling etc. and came there. Now after coming here, I get admission in a school. There was an English medium school there. We were here to continue our studies. It was a small town and so were the people. There were very few of them but there was a very happening environment there. We used to live in a government quarter, which used to be our house of one room.
(02:53) The other room in the same room was also our bedroom and there was our kitchen. So everything continued like this between first class and 10th class. Mom was a nurse, she had a government job, so she could not leave that thing, because of that my father had to leave everything and come with her.

(03:07) Now she had no work. Otherwise, he bought an auto, now he drives an auto, after that he bought a van, dropped his children in school in this way, to educate my sister, to support my entire family, he did all these things to start our family. Since I have been a middle class family, my family members have always made me understand the importance of whatever we have, that we have it, we have to respect what we are getting and maybe no one else is getting it.
(03:33) My family members used to say in a way that education is very important for them, it was like teaching their children whether they have money or not, this was their priority, so yes, I also have a younger sister, we both are one. I used to go to school only after 10th. The problem was that the schooling in the city where I was living was not very special, that is, after 10th, I had to come out, that is, I had to come to Bhopal to come to Bhopal.
(03:58) After this, the problem starts that I get admission in a government school for 11th and 12th. This government school was an English medium school. Now the problem was that I have been studying in this convent school since the beginning. In a way, the environment was a bit western, but coming to a government school suddenly was very challenging for me personally, but what could I do, my family members had paid the fees for the hostel where I used to live.
(04:23) I had given it, so I had no other option to back it out. Now gradually my life moved forward. I used to be a little homesick because I have been with my family since the beginning. In a way, there used to be an environment, there was protection, the shell of that person was lifted and in a way, I was sent away. I am studying there.
(04:40) Somehow, I am passing the school. I am trying to do this because I have been an average student since the beginning. Now as I said, my family has been a middle class family since the beginning, but at that time I had developed a lot of love for technology. When I was in Class A Ninth, I had developed a lot of interest in smartphones and the technology made by different brands.
(05:04) I did not have any smartphone myself, but if anyone else could. He is using a smartphone and probably has more knowledge than what I used to have. In everyone’s family or in everyone’s friend group, there is a boy or a girl who is asked to buy something. Before I specifically asked which tech to buy, be it for ₹ 1 or Rs.

(05:26) 1 lakh, I used to gather the knowledge about that method, I was good at explaining it to those people, so I told my father that Papa, please get me a smartphone after 10th class. At that time, smartphones were not so big, they were not so high tech, but they were quite good for that time, so my father and my mother jokingly He said that if you score above 85 in 10th class then you will get a smartphone but the problem is that he said this thing that he was sure that maybe my percentage will not be so much because as I said, I am very I used to be a
(05:55) more average student but when it came to technology, I wanted a smartphone, I studied so hard, when the result came, my family was shocked, my friends were shocked because my father was 86. I had to get a smartphone. Now when I got that smartphone, it was the best day of my life. Nowadays, I am so much surrounded by technology, but still the happiness there was, that happiness was of the next level.
(06:25) Now if we move ahead. So brother, when I came to college, I got admission in college, I got admission in a private college of engineering, whatever is there, now it came to the question of stream, which stream should I take, off course, I will go for computer science only because I said that I have been very fond of technology since the beginning.
(06:40) Now my college life has been on average in a way. I used to pass, I used to study as much as I could, but the rest of my focus was only on technology. How was it, what technology is going on, what updates are happening, I used to just keep reading them, this was my life that I have to watch videos, at that time even the internet was not so cheap but still I was only and only about technology.
(07:00) I used to think that now when I was in college, I was not that much focused on coding etc. because I was more focused on my extra curricular activities. Now when it comes to third year, third year. After joining I, people started getting serious, the environment around me became a little serious that now I have to do a job after engineering etc.
(07:20) So at that time I got so much pressure that everyone is studying. Am I serious? When will I be serious? Lucky at that time a company came to my college for internship and in that internship I gave exams etc. and I got the internship. The internship was in Bhopal itself from where I was doing engineering. At the time of engineering, now I did not need to go to college in the third year because I used to go for internship.
(07:40) Let me tell you that when I started my internship, they used to pay me ₹ per month and this internship lasted for 6 months at ₹ 33000. The month was a very big number for me because at that time there was no money, my family used to give me a little amount, there was no earning of my own, but as soon as I started getting Rs, I felt that I have achieved a lot.
(08:00) Now I still remember that my father got me my first bike and when he got me the bike, I never told him that I want a bike. I might have told him once or twice or he did not tell me that I wanted a bike. He must have heard it from his mouth, but like I said that my family was very supportive, I used to travel a lot, so he said, let’s get him a bike, I got the bike but my father told me that look at you.

(08:23) I have given you a bike but you will have to bear the cost of its petrol yourself. Now what should I do? My internship, which was going on for six months, had also ended because I had borrowed some money from home. Then I started teaching tuition to the children in the society where I lived. I taught tuition to the
(08:41) children for 1 year i.e. throughout my fourth year so that I could meet the expenses of petrol. To be able to meet the expenses, I taught children up to 11th, 12th and 10th class. First, I used to study myself and then used to teach them. After that, my story continued in this manner. Now when the fourth year ends, people are worried about the job. My internship also ends.
(08:57) It has happened that those who were my friends and those who were my college mates also did not get a job in a way because at that time there were no placements in my college, everyone was worried, but fortunately I had a job in the company in which I was working.
(09:09) I used to do internship and I got a call from there that Naman, do you want to join us full time? I had no option because there was no company, so I told them that yes, I do and that was the decision of my life. It was the best decision because I learned a lot there, like I had said that I did not have much interest in coding etc. but gradually I started making my own projects there and my interest in coding kept increasing a lot.
(09:33) I went from being a front end developer to a full stack developer. My journey started in that company in that way. Now when the engineering was over, I joined them full time and worked there for one and a half year. For 2 years, I used to have the same business, used to go to office and used to come back in the evening, but there was always one thing in my mind that friend Naman, I have to do something of my own, right from the beginning I am very fond of technology.
(09:58) There was more interest, that is, I used to like the gadgets very much. Now you know that there are gadgets, they are not cheap and my salary at the time when I started was ₹ 1000000 per month, now it is ₹ 1000000 per month. I can’t fulfill my big hobbies, so the thought in my mind was that I have to do something of my own so that I can earn some money and from that only I can buy technology.
(10:16) I was not aware that what I want is to wear good clothes. These are expensive, I have to wear expensive clothes, no, my only thought was that friend, I have to purchase a smartphone, I have to purchase a laptop, now while thinking this, I had said in the beginning of Jo Hai Apna that I used to explain things to people very well, so I I thought that I also used to watch my youtube2 creators who were outside creators, I used to watch their videos a lot and got inspired by them, so one day I did not have my youtube4, the name became good,
(11:00) after that I started my first I uploaded the video there. It is a very good story of uploading the first video. I did not have any equipment. I had a very basic mobile camera and a selfie stick which my sister had brought from a fair. I used that selfie stick in my I put the mobile stuck on my feet, made a video in broken English, there was a video on the mobile, now the problem was that the content was played in English at that time, people used to make content in Hindi, now when one day I was sitting with the same friend of mine. With whom
(11:26) I had discussed what should be the name of the channel, he randomly asked me, what happened to your channel, I said, I have forgotten even its password, then he said, go to your channel and look, I searched. You have 11000 views on your first video, I am telling you the truth, getting 11000 views was a big deal at that time, now when I heard 11000 views, I felt that I am missing something or the other.
(11:49) There is a very big opportunity in front of me which I am missing. Nowadays people miss that there are many things in front of them but they are not able to see that thing. The same thing was happening with me too, so one day I sat and thought about my I thought in the office that no matter what happens, I have to make videos.

(12:06) I took a paper in the office and started planning everything I can. The first thing I saw was that out of all the social media, I am the most active on them. First I will go and create my own channels. Now after I have created channels on all the social media, I thought what content should I upload on it. Whatever things I had, if I had an earphone, I used to make videos on it.
(12:24) My friends. I used to make videos by borrowing from them whatever I have, I used to say to them that friend, give it to me for a few days, I will review it and return it to you, in this way I started making videos, whatever I have, now that it was office time and which was my free time. That was a journey where I was doing both the things simultaneously.
(12:39) Those two to three years were the most hectic days of my life because I had to go to the office early in the morning, that is, I used to leave home at 8:00. Office till 9:30, after that I worked completely in the office, came home at 9:00, had dinner by the time I reached night, after that I used to make videos and edit them myself, it was 3:00-4:00 in the night.
(12:59) After taking two to three hours of sleep, I would go back to the office. In this way, my life lasted for two to three years, but I kept making videos. As I kept making videos, I started getting more interested, but here is a twist. That is, when I used to upload videos, neither did I tell my family nor did I tell my friends that they did not do this thing of mine, but when my videos gradually started getting views, then they also came to know about me.
(13:35) I still remember when I shot my first video, when I used to set the camera using YouTube’s etc. and started shooting videos from the front camera and in this way I kept working for a couple of years. I have made the video with my phone, in the present times, there are many people who think that they are their own, there should be a lot of expensive equipment, there should be cameras, only then you should make the video, no, it is not like that at all, I have made it.
(14:06) More than 200 videos which had reached youtube0 subscribers, both the works used to go on simultaneously but at that time Covid hit again, after Covid came, a lot of problems started because my mother, like I said, was a nurse, she had to go to the hospital. We always had to go, as is the case now, when she used to go to the hospital, at that time we were very afraid that Covid had reached a very high level, now gradually things have changed and now in our house itself.

(14:39) We had Covid twice, but one positive thing for me was that I started getting a lot of time, which used to be my travel time, my travel time to go to office reduced considerably because I had to go to office. I don’t have to go due to which whatever time I have, I am sitting at home and creating content. I pushed myself to take that time, setup my room properly and started making videos etc.
(14:58) In this way, we slowly -Slowly reached 1 lakh subscribers. After 1 lakh subscribers, you get a silver play button. I still remember when he came to my house, I thought, what is this, how did this happen? I just turned it on. This was my journey, but I got this thing so quickly because of people’s support, because I was really very good, positive comments were coming to me, people in Touchwood liked me a lot, they said that friend, you explain very well.

(15:24) Whatever you tell us, we can understand it. Now when I was on YouTube, I was not able to understand what to do next, now I am doing a job and along with that I am also creating content. Now for how long can I go on two boats, I will have to leave one boat or the other, so I have taken the decision that I will quit the job. Now many people here think that I should leave the job.
(15:48) You make your hobby a full-time passion, but let me tell you a fact, it is very tough to leave a permanent salary which is deposited in your bank account every month, even if at that time I was earning as much money as my salary. It was two to three times more than what I am on youtube0 but I knew how I was doing both the things but when a level came where I started getting very worried about both the things when I was not growing.
(16:21) Whatever is on time, I have taken the decision that now I will quit my job and convert my hobby into passion. I left my job. Now when I left the job, it was the time of Covid. I have been on YouTube for 1 month. Yes, I I did not tell at home that I have left the job, so my father just said that it is okay, leave it now, give 100% to whatever you are doing, I said okay, now this is what I have to do, this is what I will do, after that is my story.
(16:51) It kept moving forward, now a time came when the time of short form content came where people started uploading Instagram’s i.e. within 30 40 50 seconds they used to upload whatever content they had, I also started making reels giving information in less time. When I started giving information, people started liking it a lot but I was having a bit of a bad face in that matter, where the numbers on Instagram 2 were increasing very quickly.

(17:20) What happened was that the update I had was for instagram2 and it was only 15 seconds long, meaning I could only upload a 15 second reel, whereas other content creators could upload content up to 30 40 50 60 seconds, so I thought. If it is 15 seconds then I will explain it to people in 15 seconds only, so I started making a reel of 15 seconds, I got 10000 followers which is 2 followers on Instagram, within a month and two months we increased 10000 followers in this way.
(17:47) I am uploading 15-15 second videos where the growth was less but I started enjoying. Because of the short form content, people started connecting with me. I am very motivated. It started happening more and more, now this thing lasted for six months, but after six months, I also got an update where I could upload longer videos.
(18:04) Now when I got this update, I became so happy, I said That friend, now I have got everything, now I will give four, now when I started making videos, after that our page, which was there in a way, reached 1 lakh, after that it reached from 1 lakh to 2 lakh, very quick growth.
(18:21) It started happening that by doing all these things, I used to increase my Instagram followers to 2 lakhs and let me tell you that within three to four months we went from 1 lakh to 1 million followers and in just three months from 1 million followers. When I had reached 2 million, people started liking my content very much. When I used to ask them, sometimes those who DM me used to reply in the comments, then I used to ask them what do you like, so they like me.
(18:48) They used to say that friend, you explain it to us in a very easy way, which I learned got boosted, we have many big brands, we started coming, we started working with them, now our business is going like 5x 10x. But I was still alone, standing like a one man army where I was uploading content but then gradually I formed my team, now we are more than 10 people, which is a good team for me.
(19:17) My team is a very strong team where we keep talking all day long about what we are doing in the future and how we are working and keep posting content. Let me tell you that I have worked with some of our Exposed videos have been made regarding scams, how can you avoid scams.
(19:34) The ones related to technology got more than 4050 million views and the videos related to smartphones also started getting a lot of views and we Recently, people have also come in the list of Faubus. Now social media has given me a lot, apart from money, it has given me a lot of fame. I have got a lot of respect from the people.

(19:53) Whatever I have, whenever I go on the road, I go somewhere, people People recognize me, they come to take selfies and when they take selfies, I am telling the truth, for me it is still a big deal, I feel so good when my followers see me and recognize me. I always tell those who are there that if you have any feedback then give it to me now so that I can provide the best content for you people and I think the best part of my content is the feedback that people have given me.
(20:17) Value is provided to us because of your content. For me, social media is such a medium where if people are watching content or watching reels, nothing can be better for me than that if I am educating them. There is nothing bigger for me than what I am telling related to technology. I always try to make my content so easy that everyone can understand it well.
(20:43) Now I am able to do all these multiple things. Because I am very passionate, many people start uploading content on social media after seeing someone else that he has become famous, so I will also create content, I too will probably become famous but let me give you a suggestion. To create content, it is very important to have passion for the niche in which you are creating content and the category in which you are creating content.
(21:01) If tomorrow I create food related content, then I will not be able to progress that much because I am not interested in food. I don’t know how to cook, because I don’t know how to cook, but when it comes to technology, don’t give me food, do n’t give me anything, just make me sit in a room with technology, make me sit with gadgets, then how will my day be? It will pass, I will not realize it.
(21:22) Now this growth of mine is not a personal growth because I have my entire team with me, due to which I keep myself motivated to work even more because now that I am paying them a salary, it is my responsibility. And it has increased even more, we see the videos of many people, if we do not upload videos even for two-three days, then they DM us that you have not uploaded the videos, if you upload the videos, now after all that responsibility has come.
(21:42) The pressure has become even bigger and let me tell you the truth, I like this pressure very much. I have always been like this from the beginning that I enjoy working under pressure a lot. Many people might find it stressful but If I don’t have this stress then I am not able to give my 100%, so because of this I feel like working more and creating good content.
(22:02) Now there are so many people who are creating content. I would just give this suggestion to those people who want to become creators, try to be consistent and keep your intentions clear. Intentions are very important. In my case, you have done a lot of work for me. If you think bad about someone, If you do bad things, they come and get stuck somewhere in your life.
(22:21) If you are consistent, if you keep your intentions clear and if you work hard, then whatever you have, you will be successful in one way or another. If not today, then someday or tomorrow. You will get one thing and I tell you that brother, if you want to do something big, you will have to make a lot of sacrifices.
(22:35) If you make sacrifices in life, then I am telling you the truth, you will definitely get success. In what way can the sacrifice be done? It is possible that you will have to leave many of your friends, you will not be able to talk to them, you will not be able to give much time to your family, if you are only thinking about work, then there is nothing bad in it, many people say. It happens that you have to pay attention everywhere.
(22:55) No, if you want to do something in life, then try to focus completely on your work. If you have made that sacrifice then it will be very useful for you in the future. Now this focus This is what has brought me to the stock stage today. Yes, this is focus which I am using again and again. No, this is a very important word.
(23:14) If you focus, then maybe you can become a millionaire, maybe you can become Josh. Stand on the talk stage and give a speech like me and narrate your story. When I had started the story, I used to say, ‘Man, how do people stand on the stage and tell about their lives, how lucky are those people? I may be doing the same thing today.
(23:33) I am feeling about myself but if I tell you one truth then it is that brother, the people who stand here and tell their story, it sounds very good and seems motivating, there is a lot of hard work behind it. So, I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to Josh Talk and I hope you liked my story. By watching this talk, we have taken a step towards victory.

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