How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER

How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER, I am sorry but this post may offend a lot of people because in this post I am going to tell you practically what mistakes students make and I am going to call [ _ ] as [ _ ], so if you think that you get offended too easily. So please stop reading this post because this post is going to definitely offend you, so basically what is the problem, we as a fresher, before how to find a job, you need to understand what are the skills you have on the basis of which you can get the job.

So I posted an internship on my Instagram last month. 1500 people applied for that internship. Only ₹2000 was the step of that internship and 1500 people applied. The worst thing is that no one was eligible for that internship. What is the biggest problem? There is no match between your skills and your expectations.

Skills are here, expectations are here, you are here as a result. You do not even get a reply from the company. Even at today’s point, I do not talk to any employer. All those people need employees. There is a huge demand for skilled employees but the problem is that you people do not have the skills. Now I want you all to do an exercise.

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five seconds and think in five seconds that who do you have? There is a skill on the basis of which you should get a job. One, two, three, five, five seconds have passed. Do you have any such skill in your mind on the basis of which you should get a job? If there is no such skill in your mind on the basis of which If you want to get a job, then stop crying that you are not getting a job.

Skills matter or not in jobs? How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER

You say that I don’t have any skill, that is actually your crying. If you have any skill, it is very easy to get a job on its basis. If you don’t have any skill then how will you get a job? Now many people say that recession is going on, there are no jobs in the market, there are no jobs, there are no jobs, at this point five companies and colleges want to hire me so that I can handle the marketing of those people.
At this point, five companies regularly have their HR catch up with me asking can you do consulting for us, can you join our organization but I don’t have time because I have the skills which I can use it to scale it somewhere else. Will these five companies also hire you? Absolutely not because you do not yet have the skills on the basis of which you can market them so well so that they reach out all over India.

Five Second Skills rule for Jobs

Now let’s assume that in five seconds any such skill has come to your mind that yes, I know finance or I have learned financial modeling of finance, I do not know modeling of companies or I know valuation. I know valuation of companies or I know business analytics so I can do analytics very well or I know R programming Python any one thing will come in your mind ok I know this thing now what will be the next step to find a job Next major mistake: What do we do? We apply everywhere.

Step to find a job Next major mistake:

We apply anywhere and everywhere. Whenever we get a chance, we apply and submit the application. This is the worst thing. You understand that 1500 people had applied in my company. 1500 People and none of them even followed up. Not even a single follow up came. My company and many other companies are doing continuous recruitment, so what is the best way to join these companies if you get any opening anywhere at any time? How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER You got a job, you got it on Indeed Pay or you see any opening anywhere, what is the best thing you can do, you linked-list,you understand that the public is very stupid at 90, they are not ready to make these efforts, they are not able to do this with these people. They are not even ready to talk, they don’t even want to know which skill I should learn, they won’t even go so far as to ask these people, ‘ Brother, there is an opening going on in your company, just tell me that I can apply for these openings.

HOW TO APPLY For Jobs smartly? How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER

How to apply for That’s where I want you to be different, you should always remember one thing, if you want to go for a job in any company, then the people in that company can help you the best, I have seen. People apply to Linton, apply to jobs but they never get a response from there but you should keep this thing in your mind that references are the strongest way to get a job but when I give this practical advice to students that you Give these references, you will put people as references in your companies, so do n’t you think that you should get two job offers.
Two job offers have come, if you convert even one of the two, then we want that much, so you start putting efforts. So to sum it up, what is the first thing you have to do? You have to learn the skills, then the process is very simple. You have to see which companies are hiring. Let’s assume that now Murad on Run is hiring, so who is in Murad on Run? Now if you know who works in Murad on Run, first of all you can target the HRs of Murad on Run and ask them to tell you about the jobs.
Which opening is it, I want to apply for this opening, after that you can reach out to those people who have already passed out from your college and work in that company, let’s propose now, no one wants to run. You are not such a child. Let’s assume that you are an ass. You did not find any job opening online. You do not understand anything anywhere.

Networking for Jobs

Let me tell you one more simple step. Reach out to those people who have already graduated from your college. And they are working somewhere, you are studying in some college, right, someone has graduated in your college, right, he is working somewhere, reach out to all of them, make a list of these 50 people. Reach out that they studied in my college, after they graduated here, ca n’t you apply for those jobs here? You can’t see what skills they learned, I learned the same skills and I am doing the same If I apply for jobs, it really breaks my heart when people tell me that there are no jobs in India, there are no jobs in India, there are so many jobs in India, I am also hiring for so many jobs right now, I will have to put in efforts.How to get the FIRST JOB as a FRESHER

I am sorry if you feel bad after hearing this but you should know that hard work is very important, without hard work all these options are definitely not going to open in front of you no matter what happens, let me tell you the truth, I was making this video while making it. The mood became very bad because I started checking that there are still so many job openings but we are not ready to put in our efforts and if you can take one biggest major tip from me, then you take this.
So, stop cluttering your mind, stop consuming garbage content. Sometimes I take time out and see who else the people who follow me follow and who they usually follow. I don’t understand why Kylie Jenner, Bollywood models, Bollywood celebrities get so much inspiration from other people’s lives, I feel like removing her as a follower.

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