How to Get a Job in Dubai as a Fresher (My Journey)

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Hey guys welcome back to coursecut and in today’s video we will be talking about how to get a job in Dubai if you have no experience.

What will we cover in this Post?

I have been living in Dubai since a month now I applied for many jobs I applied as a fresher to many jobs I got many job offers I got many interviews so I will be talking about my entire experience I will be telling you guys what are the things that you should know how should you apply whether you should apply from India whether you should come here and apply what are they looking for what are the companies looking for what are the things that you should have in your profile so without further Ado let’s directly jump into it just a disclaimer that my profile was completely Finance oriented so I would be talking all in terms of Finance the degrees that I’ll be talking about would be Finance degrees but more or less it’s the same in entire Dubai without further Ado let’s directly jump into it let me yes now it looks better let me do one thing in this video I’ll talk about what internet says what you find on internet what they say how you get a job.

Job portals to apply in dubai

I’ll give you a reality check sitting in India whether it is possible or not okay first thing that the internet says is applying online there are many offcampusalert job portals you can apply by them so what are the best job portals here first is naukri Gulf bath College times job Monster Golf Gulf Talent indeed ER Arabia wisdom job and you can find all these links in the description but there is one platform which you should be mastering and this is a tip I am telling you I applied I my entire team did entire research on it they did not find a lot of Merit in all these websites there are some websites definitely that are good khalid’s jobs is good uh there is one more naukri Gulf is good those are good websites but there’s just one website which you have to have to have to use when you’re coming to Dubai if you plan to come to Dubai it’s obviously LinkedIn LinkedIn is a place which is absolutely amazing I cannot emphasize on it more I have talked about LinkedIn I’ve made a video on LinkedIn how to make a LinkedIn profile but you should be focusing on LinkedIn because in Dubai getting a job directly while applying through it is difficult but when you make connections getting a job via that is possible how do you want how do you get a job via LinkedIn I can also make a video on that and I can give you proof of what I did how I talk to the employers that can be interesting let me know in the description if you want to watch a video on that let’s do one thing let’s have a very ambitious Target if we get 5 100 likes on this post it’s a very ambitious Target but if people want to watch it if you get 1500 likes I’ll make an entire video explaining how I applied via LinkedIn.

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Resume tip for Dubai

many companies have an ATS system so make sure the resume that you’re sending via any of these job portals make sure the ATS is your resume is ATS friendly now we’ve already talked about how to make a resume in another video you can watch that also but make sure your resume is ATS friendly just don’t make a random resume and send it to everyone here is the in almost every company has an ATS system and it’s not that expensive in Dubai so all of these companies have it and your rejected automatically so make sure it is friendly you have to watch this post if you want to watch how to make a resume second.

Government agencies in Dubai

internet says government approved placement agencies do they work I tried it it did not work for me so I just say no maybe it works for Blue Collar jobs maybe it works for higher managerial jobs but not from India abroad so okay one more thing you need to understand in
(03:55) Middle East specifically they do not give a lot of importance to Indians they do not give a lot of importance to Southeast Asians in general be that Chinese be that Filipinos they do not the color of your passport actually determines a lot of things it determines your salary it determines whether you’ll be getting a job or not if you are a U.S citizen getting a job in India I will be way easier than getting a job in in Dubai I guess I said Dubai so getting a job in Dubai depends completely on your color of passport also trust me it does I have talked to so uh companies they prefer giving jobs to U.S citizens they want more and more white colored people that is called Americanization of Dubai that’s an entire phenomenon that is happening right now but for entry-level jobs in Dubai it’s very difficult to get in but if you have GCC experience GCC means if you have experience working in Middle East getting a job is comparatively easier that is why we are making this video how do we get that GCC experience right so first point works for us second Point government agency is not that great of an idea according to me now just don’t say Piyush why are you saying that it have helped me definitely it might have helped people it did not help me

Strong referrals in Dubai

Third is strong referral and I will say this point is the most important one so if I have to rank it your strong referrals if you have any relatives they can help if they can help you with any job in Dubai and trust me when I say this any job we want a job in Dubai if you plan to come to Dubai any job that you take it’s good and once you are here you can apply for other jobs trust me that is the best method I’ve talked to so many people they end up coming from sales and then move towards marketing and then finally they can keep on Switching the fields why because they’re still in Dubai and that’s the the next point which we’re
(05:51) going to talk about but if you can do this absolutely amazing if you have any relative who is wants uh who knows someone and can refer you to a company wherein you can work for five or six months absolutely amazing you get your Emirates ID you come to Dubai you can apply for jobs in Dubai nothing better than that and obviously as in this all this time during all this time you also earn so it’s an amazing point so third point is star.

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Walk in interviews in Dubai

fourth way to do is to come to Dubai but make sure you do not come in July and August in fact not even September because it’s usually they do not hire during these months but after that they hire like crazy and they have walk-in interviews now the ads system usually also asks you to tell the company whether you are in Dubai or not so many a times while filling the application it would ask you whether you’re in Dubai or not so if you select yes your application gets approved otherwise they directly reject it so if you plan to come to Dubai that might help you a lot I it helped me a lot for me many of my interviews so it might also help you now you’ll be asking Murad why did you give interviews honestly just to get a gist just the sense of it how the things work I had nothing to do why not let’s just have fun and talk to companies it really turned out well for me I actually improve every time I give an interview anyone coming back to the topic sorry I got this I got confused I got derailed with the track of my thoughts but I was talking about how do we get a job what are they talking about give me a second so I was talking about the direct walk-in interviews walk-in interviews are a big thing here in Dubai many companies have their work in interviews so that is something you can definitely look out for but rather than doing this point for what I would recommend is point three get any job in Dubai because during that time also you’ll be earning and you can take a holiday from this job and go for your next interview that works out well for almost everyone but let’s suppose you do not have any idea how to get a referral in Dubai you can apply for any job first of all sales job.

Jobs you can apply to in Dubai

sales jobs are absolutely crazy nft jobs absolutely crazy at the same time digital marketing jobs too many jobs available here at the same time you can also apply for other jobs real estate Realtors everyone is selling properties in the valley even the video that I’m recording this building is also being built they’ll be also hiring and legit left right and Center Realtors are being hired so you can apply for any of these jobs and once you have these jobs you can apply for other jobs that is what I would do if I were you provided I have the funds for it but at the same time 0.3 is something you should be focusing on ideally

Salary and living expenses in Dubai

when we talk about salaries minimum wage so when somewhere from 50 000 as a fresher with good XP good studies background educational background you can earn somewhere from 50 000 till 1 lakh 50 000 per month Indian rupees also and expenses you can consider sixty seventy thousand in Dubai living in living like a normal like sixty seventy thousand and it can go up to one lakh and if you live luxuriously then Dubai five flag is also very less but point being here you can actually end up saving a lot of money as a fresher also okay one more question.

Which visa you should apply for?

I’m pretty sure many people will ask me Piyush which uh Visa should I be applying for the 30-day Visa the seven day Visa or the 90-day Visa or should I apply for six month visa and there is something else called a three year Visa which one should I be applying for or should I apply for a job hunt Visa which is another Visa guys take it from me apply for the three month Visa 90 day Visa uh it would be cheaper and apply as a tourist visa do not apply for a job Seeker Visa or any other beta these are just a 30 day three month uh tourist visa which I applied for and then come here you have three months that’s more than enough live in a not so expensive locality I would say anywhere towards the poor Dubai and Dera side very cheap you will actually be spending whatever you’re spending in India comparatively like 20 30 more than that in fact it rains might just be cheaper in those areas I have been in those areas it’s very very very very very very very very economical but point being it it can be a good thing for you and in the meantime you can actually chill in Dubai so I hope this video helps you I hope you end up getting a job in Dubai I’ll leave a few links in the description but if you need any other help do let me know I am planning to make more videos on jobs in Dubai how to get a job and the rest of the details in Dubai part only and only if you guys subscribe to this channel so I’ll be continuously looking at the subscribers that this video has helped me with because I feel like this was a very important topic which needed to be addressed there are way too many people one too many to comment and who used to text me in DMS how do I get a job in Dubai this you guys also do subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell icon Instagram follow is a mandatory thing at the same time this is a video that might excite you thank you so much for watching

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