Cracked SSC CGL In 4 Months With This Strategy | SSC CGL 2024 Tips

Cracked SSC CGL In 4 Months With This Strategy | SSC CGL 2024 Tips

(00:00) I had only four months to crack SSC, only four months, what did I do in these four months that I was able to register my name in the % of candidates who take the selection, I will tell you all the strategies and techniques in this video which If you follow then you can also come in those % expectations. Hello everyone, my name is Shubham Jain, I have cracked SSC CGL 2017 & 2018.
(00:29) If we talk about SSC CGL examination, the selection rate here is less than 3 where people It takes up to 5 years to clear this exam. What resources did I follow and what things did I plan so that I could crack this exam in such a short time? I will tell you all those things here and also Also, do not repeat the mistakes that I made.

(00:51) We will also discuss about this. When we prepare for any competitive exam, first of all it is important for us to know the exam. For that, you should have complete information about the exam, your what, how and Why this should be clear then you can prepare well, first of all comes Vt Vt meaning what you have to do, if you want to clear SSC CGL examination then you should know how many posts are there in it, what inside those posts- What is the work? Which post attracts you the most? What is the exam pattern for that post?

(01:29) When you gather all this information with you, then somewhere or the other your point will also become clear. It seems that why you have to clear this examination because if your Y is not clear then you will never get internal motivation to study and you will not be able to reach the selection. So after selecting which post you want, you will click on that.
(01:49) You will research what was the cut off of the previous year, on how many marks the selection was done and you will note it down in a copy so that whenever you feel demotivated, you can look at that paper and remember if you had prepared. You have thought about the time and accordingly you start taking your preparation forward.
(02:03) Now comes the turn of how to prepare. What should be your routine from day one till the final selection to get selected in an exam like SSC CGL? If we look at SSC, there are mainly four subjects – Maths, English, GK and Reasoning. It is okay. In this, Maths, English and Reasoning are very high scoring because they can be prepared in less time and GK is a little fast in which it is out of the box.
(02:33) Questions are also asked many times, so when we start preparation, we try to first prepare these three subjects well, now the syllabus is very much, okay, maybe you also have less time like me, then you How will you do things? First of all, you looked at the entire syllabus. You are studying from anywhere. You have to collect those resources.

(02:53) If you are doing it from a paid course, then you saw how many number of hours are given by those teachers. Videos have been uploaded and how much time will it take you to complete them. Let me give you a small idea that if you watch a video of 1 hour, make notes, revise it and be able to use it in the exam, it will take you approximately to learn this much.
(03:13) If it takes you three to four times, then to read whatever content you select, you have to give examination from the consignor after 5 months and if the content you have collected is of 1000 hours, then you will have to pay 4 hours 4000 hours. So even if you study 15 hours a day, if you cannot prepare in four to five months, then you will have to collect limited content which you have to use for your preparation.
(03:37) Now the content has come to you, now you have to save it. You will have to do that you have divided it into all the months, you have made total targets, after that you have divided it into monthly targets and after that you have divided it into daily targets that I will read so much daily, this keeps track of your preparation till the time we do things.
(03:57) If we do not note down, do not strategize, then what happens to us is that we study at home for two to three hours a day. We think that a lot of things have been done, now I will move ahead, I will do further things tomorrow, but there is no preparation in this way. It can be done, you are giving the most important thing of your life for the preparation of government job, right, that is time, if your time is gone now, it will never come back, so if you are studying, then Do it with 100% focus.

(04:23) After the end of the day, do a complete analysis as to what all the things you read in the whole day. Okay, note it down in your notebook. You can see, maybe you think that you read eight to nine in a day. You are reading the hours but you will come to know that the output that came out was only for three to four hours. Ok, you follow this process for at least 15 days.
(04:38) Note down whatever you are doing throughout the day, then you will get the results from it. You might be doing extra things in your preparation, they will also get curbed and at the same time, if you are lagging behind your target, you will be able to follow up, okay, you will know how much you are lagging behind during your preparation time.
(04:54) Keep giving mocks from time to time so that you can know what is your progress when you started your preparation and as you are covering things further, if you are studying from any teacher then Just like you have completed a chapter, after completing that chapter, do the previous year questions and see whether you are able to solve all the questions or not.
(05:13) If you still face difficulty, then revise whatever content you read. Try again, if you still find difficulty then maybe you need to change the teacher, in that case you can revise your strategy a bit and cover things as per your requirement for the exam. I always recommend that you read one book 10 times and not 10 books once because our syllabus is limited, 90 questions are the same as the previous year questions of SSC keep repeating.

(05:43) Well, you will read multiple books, see hard level questions, you will face difficulty in revising it during the exam time and all the content will not fit in your subconscious mind. This SSC examination is a time bound examination, you have to do things within the given time. You are not getting even a single minute to do a question.
(06:00) If after seeing the question you have to think how to solve it, then it will not work in the exam. So, whatever you are studying, keep revising it multiple times. This is my advice to you all. There will be suggestions, now the most important thing comes in this, which way to give it, in which way to attempt the paper, Maths, English GK, Reasoning, there are four sections, within tier one, now one question of Maths is also of two marks, your GK also.

(06:26) Right for Reasoning and also for English, you should attempt Maths last because this is the section which will take you most of the time, so how will you start, there is a germ technique in GK. If a question comes in English Reasoning and Maths GK, then you If you do n’t know it then you will leave it. Okay, if you can do 25 questions of GK with maximum expectation in six to seven minutes, then after that English can also be done in 10 minutes, so in about 15 to 16 minutes your paper on 50 will be Tier One.
(06:53) After that you attempt Reasoning. You will leave the difficult questions of Reasoning for last and after that you will attempt Maths. Some aspirants are left who are following the paper in a sequence and they are revealed. That they have done Reasoning first, then Maths and then GK.
(07:06) If they are not able to reach the English section then if they miss all those questions then the chances of selection become absolutely zero. So your method of attempting the exam should be absolutely perfect. When you are giving mocks, if you use this technique and give mocks then you can score maximum. It is very important to analyze the mocks. After giving mocks, you have to see which questions you could not attempt and attempt them first.
(07:28) Try to see the correct solution of your questions which have gone wrong and see what caused the mistake. You do not understand the concept or there is a silly mistake in your question. You will find all those questions in a separate section. You have to note down in the copy because if you have made silly mistakes, they may repeat in the exam also, then you will have to revise them again and again.
(07:47) You will have to revise the topics in which you are making repeated mistakes in a good way from the notes of your teachers. Revise again and again and keep practicing their previous year questions. The most important factor that I believe is the most important factor in the life of an aspirant is discipline. When you are preparing, prepare continuously for 10 to 10 days.
(08:06) Do take out an hour for your studies. Do not take long breaks. If I tell you to start studying from today, will you be able to study for six to eight hours the next day? Will you be able to study for three to four hours? You will start getting headache as soon as you read for hours, so you have to gradually increase your speed.
(08:24) On the first day of reading, you may be able to read for four hours, after that you will read for 6 hours, after that for 8 hours and gradually you will read consistently for 8 hours. You can fix your studies on pay or 10 hours, in the meantime you should not take any long breaks, it takes a lot of time to make a routine, it is okay if you are able to study consistently for 10-10 hours for 20 days and after that You took a break for a week, you went somewhere and you were doing something completely different from your studies,
(08:51) and when you came back to your studies, you would notice that firstly, you would not feel like studying and secondly, You will not be able to put on such a number of hours, again you will have to start from the starting cycle so that you can study for 6 hours on the first day or if you can study even less than that, then you should never take long breaks in your studies. You have done this consistently for one year.
(09:11) Have you given for preparation or have you given 6 months for preparation, keep doing it continuously, it is okay, do not take a break in between, if you want to take it for one day, then you can take max to max. Some people always have this in their mind that I I have delayed my preparation time, I have started very late, but believe me, you are never late, if you are doing a good thing, maybe you have a friend who has started doing small jobs at the age of 21, it is right to do it.

(09:36) In today’s time, his salary may be 25000 in a private sector or even 30000, but suppose you started a little late, but if you get selected from an examination like SSC CGL, then the salary you get in today’s time is that. Inspector Pay is around one lakh and full time, you get full life security, job has timely increments, so never let negativity come inside you, okay, take everything in a positive way, see if you get to learn.
(10:10) It is okay with that and never reduce your hard work. I hope that you will implement all the strategies and strategies mentioned in this video in your life so that like me, you too can clear the SSC CGL examination. Never think that the selection rate is %, just look at how many marks the cut off goes, how many marks you have to get, to get a top post, it is okay, then you will be able to prepare well, do not be afraid of competition at all.
(10:39) Just work hard because if the selection rate is at 3 then even the people who work hard. There are only 3 but I would like to say only one thing, success has 100 friends and failure has 100 enemies, okay, you have to be successful in your life, do whatever you feel like, maybe right now you are walking with the target that I Just like you have to clear the CGL examination, but when you achieve that, during this process, many changes may come in your life and you may be able to achieve many new things.

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