Crack English Of SSC CGL 2024 With 6 Simple Formulas | Amrit Kaur | Course Cut

Crack English Of SSC CGL 2024 With 6 Simple Formulas | Amrit Kaur | Course Cut

(00:00) Government job is madness, it is a passion, it is not within everyone’s reach, that league, that child is different, note down my words today, if you give this exam in three months, I will write to you and give you your selection. It will definitely happen. Today I will share with you six tips or six strategies where your selection in SSC CGL or any government exam is certain.
(00:28) We Can We Will. This court has done a lot of work for me and I hope and hope. I am sure that it will work a lot for you people too because you will know your place, your destination, your selection, the offer letter, the joining letter in the race in which you are running in 2024. What is the bigger good news than this in someone’s life? Namaskar my.
(01:00) Name is Amrit Kaur and here tell me some special tips, tell me some special strategies which I want to discuss or share with you. Let’s discuss some tips. So when this journey starts, there is that passion and madness in us. But somewhere after one month, two months, three months, we come back to the same line, that is, when you start preparation, your passion and motivation is here, but the graph remains like this, then this graph.

Crack English Of SSC CGL 2024

(01:39) It takes a lot of time to wake up, which means when you are running in the race of selection, you are running in this race, what are the people with you, your environment, who are your friends, is your family supportive or not, what suggestions are your relatives giving you. But most important are the companies you have, your friends, who are your mentors, do they make you positive or do they say somewhere or the other, I ca n’t do this, I can’t do that and just make you negative and leave you here.
(02:16) There is a difference that how is your environment. If your environment is good, believe me, half of your preparation, half of motivation and half of positivity comes from there only. So please, when you are getting up, sitting, you are reading something, a lot of time when you We type messages and speak to them because English is a language.
(03:06) Believe me, whether the language is French, Hindi, Punjabi or English, the more you speak, the more fluent you will be, so speaking and the fluency of both are directly proportional. Now we We will talk about some special strategies which probably every student of my government exam or if you are thinking of cracking SSC exam, those students should definitely follow those tips.
(03:37) Strategy number one is 8 + 8 + 8 i.e. 8 hours of sleep. 8 Hours Study and Eight Hours Relaxation Now what is there in that relaxation? You listen to music, you go running, you go to the gym, you can talk, you can chat whatever you want, I will never say that study for 16 hours, study for 12 hours because during that time you can give yourself 100 You are not able to give %, but if you are sleeping for thirty hours, then your preparation for today is also being done with that much positivity because your sleep, your mind, your body are focused, now
(04:15) forget the eight hours of study you have to do, forget this poor world, forget any marriage, any marriage. Nothing should matter in your life because if you give these three months for preparation, ideally it is six months.

(04:34) Because if you have to build your base, preparation from foundation, if you have to prepare from scratch from zero, then it is six months. If you are preparing for improvement, which you call rank improvement, then if you give three months for this exam, I will write it to you and you will definitely be selected. Strategy number two is a time table. Let me take it to school. What will happen at school time? We used to wake up in the morning, pack our lunch and go to school.
(05:00) We used to follow a time table, which means there was a 360 degree approach. We are doing this at this time, this is the lecture at this time, we have to eat at this time, we will be discharged at this time, we will be discharged at this time. We will come home, that is, by the time we reach college, this 360 degree approach is limited to only 180 and the circle that has to be completed remains only a semi circle.
(05:20) Am I speaking the truth or No friends, that’s why I say that we should never forget what we used to do in school, what we have been doing since the beginning, but we go to college, bunk lectures, go to watch movies and somewhere the focus gets disturbed, so today. Also focus, make a time table, wake up in the morning, when to study current affairs, when to study English, when to study maths, when to study reasoning, give time according to that time, work on yourself.
(05:49) Strategy number three: Smaller goals versus bigger goals. We make very big goals. We take and perhaps when those goals are not fulfilled then we become very disappointed, we feel very bad and very shocked because perhaps our dream was big. The meaning of small goals here is that you have taken a maths test, try one.
(06:15) Instead of taking mock test, do a topic wise test, it has worked a lot for me, I am sure it will work for you too, when your small goals are accomplished in life, then somewhere we become candidates, we are in this thinking. One more thing we do well in this happiness is that one of our goals has been achieved and this strategy is very useful whether it is an exam or whether you are in a job.
(06:39) Strategy number four is reading which is very very essential. Now whether it is your tier one exam or tier two exam or interview, the question here is not whether interview comes in every exam or not, the question is where English comes. If you are preparing for government exams, only SSC. I am not talking about other competitive exams here also, so English is very important everywhere.
(07:08) If your grammar is not good, then Tier One will never be clear in life. If reading comprehension or grammar or other concepts are not clear. You will not be able to reach Tier 2 when even the first read is not cleared i.e. Tier 1 and suppose Tier 1 and Tier 2 are cleared then you will be left somewhere in the interview.
(07:28) If there is any problem in the concept in spoken then please. Like I told you in the beginning that make reading your friend, make it your companion, till the selection is done, be it newspaper or any application or from anywhere, you are reading something, your grammar will improve the words of your vocabulary.
(07:53) Stretch, study and what is most important is the previous year questions. If you know the syllabus, know the pattern, know the questions of the exam and know the level of the question, suppose all the preparation can be done only if you know these things. There are many students. Somehow they don’t even know the pattern of the exam but they have started to prepare, they don’t know what to do but because they are friends, they haven’t got anything else after college, studies are over, friendship is over, so
(08:22) let’s just give the paper, this also happens. But this attitude is just a passion, it is madness, there is a lot of difference between attitude and trust me guys, competition, government job is madness, it is a passion, it is not for everyone, that league, that child is different, this is my talk today.
(08:45) Note down strategy number five. Now I will discuss with you some special books, some special techniques which worked a lot for me. One I was preparing for SSC. SSC is a child’s dream. Now let’s see how we have to reach that dream. You have an approach, a strategy in the right way which you can capture and think, I will give a pause here and try to explain with a small example, maybe my message will reach you, this is a normal expectation and this is a selected one.
(09:25) There is a candidate, I am not calling him Esperance. Esperance will be only the one who is preparing and a selected candidate. This poor child prepared a lot, he did everything from previous year papers, question papers, mock tests, but this child who has been selected today, He took that approach through smart work, whatever was to come in the paper or whatever he wanted to do versus what he was doing versus what he studied versus what came in the paper.
(09:55) He had grasped that pulse. This selected aspirant knew that Lo friend, he did a lot of research, he took his time, what was the previous year paper, what was the strategy, what were the rapes in the paper, he caught his weakness, made his strong areas stronger and he became a selected candidate in one attempt.
(10:18) If it is passed, then you can also do your preparation in the same way. Suppose, if you are talking about English, then in English, if you read a few words from the newspapers of the last few three months, like The Hindu Editorial, why am I talking here? What am I doing and why am I focusing on it so that you can read those few vocabulary words and I am not talking too much about the last three months or so, read them like one year’s current affairs, no, you should also read the current affairs of the last three months, four
(10:44) months, five months, five I am also saying a lot, three to four months will be very effective and will help a lot in clearing your exams, be it SSC exam or your bank exam. Here I am talking about one day exams, it will help a lot because I too. Strategy number six helped me a lot, there are some books which I will also mention in the comment section like Lucent GK which helped me a lot which influenced my static part a lot and gave a lot of clarity in my concept.
(11:16) If we talk about English like I told that there is no better book than Run Martin, so my base foundation was made from here because like other students in the school, I was an average student but yes, I was a very obedient student, I did not break the rules but when I used to falter in English. If I could not understand, then that Run Martin strengthened my base and things and even today I focus on explaining and teaching the children, whether I am giving guidance to the students online or offline, please define my resources by writing a book. Do
(11:47) not waste your time in life, talk to the mentor in good terms and ask him so that he can guide you subject wise. Now, because we were talking about English here, I told you that you have to pay very important attention to vocabulary here and You have to read a lot, maybe your focus is on a thriller, a love story or a
(12:51) comedy story, then you like anything that excites you. Read that story, but read it in English. If you watch some movies, then read it. Are you also watching netflix’s? No, I am coming. You can also say I am coming. Start focusing on advanced and basic English where you can send text messages by writing good words in small words.
(13:17) Mails draft. Do it because in many exams you will see that you are getting descriptive also and at the same time many children are facing difficulty because if the base is not good, your foundation is not strong, you will have difficulty in speaking, you will have difficulty in writing also. Besides, I always had a tough time in maths, but let me tell you one special thing, I have been telling you right from the eighth standard since school, that I used to practice a lot and used to do it so much that I used to fill the registers and
(13:45) do one question five times or 10 times. If you did not understand then please make your strategy. If you know that these questions of Algebra will come or you know that Mensuration has to come through this path then please focus on that and do the questions on that and focus on the questions which have come in the previous year.

(14:01) Talking about reasoning, puzzles, many students do not understand the puzzles, many people do not understand the blood relations because they do not understand the kinship of their house, then they will never understand the blood relation. First understand the kinship of your house, maternal uncle, uncle.
(14:17) Who is the uncle, only then you will be able to do questions about blood relation, his sister, his brother, his aunt, his grandmother, only then you will understand current affairs and current affairs, I referred you to the books of last three to four months, told you where to try, where to focus, maximum mocks. Two, find out your strong areas, find out your weak areas, make a good rapport with your mentors and please, it is better to concentrate rather than studying in a crowd, remove your doubts and study from your teachers, I am sure this will definitely
(14:45) help you, now what because I I used to prepare a lot, practiced a lot and because my parents were in the government sector, there was an influence on me from the beginning that I have to do a government job only and I never had any other option in life. When I prepared a lot, that preparation was What happened after SSC started giving one attempt, two attempts, three attempts, because here there is no limit on the number of attempts, here there is a limit on age, now what happened, sometimes I remained in Mains, sometimes I could
(15:16) not pass Pre, like tier one. Here is what I believe from Pre Mains, I was left with few marks in Tier 2 and once I gave my first attempt, I was not even in Tier 1 but I had prepared a lot and while preparing, I became so bright. Many of my students got selected and even today, every year when there are exams, be it bank, SSC or any other competitive exam, whenever they get selected because I have taught on multiple channels, multiple batches for multiple exams.
(15:50) If you have taught for the same, then even today the message comes from the children that ma’am, through you or because of you, this exam was cleared or the concept was cleared, then today many hearts get a satisfaction, a peace, and do what your heart desires. If you are happy wherever your soul is happy, then please I would like to say this to you all, wherever you are lacking or you need to strengthen, get hold of them.
(16:14) If you do not get marks in the mock, then solve the topic wise paper. Do it topic wise also, there is a test, solve it, solve the grammar of English, solve Algebra in Maths, solve puzzles in Reasoning, the meaning of saying & Drink it only then there will be selection and if that madness is not there then there is no selection then in the end they will definitely say ‘We Can We Will’ if you have that desire, that desire, that wish, that desire that you can do this thing.
(16:47) Remember one thing, there is a difference between a desire and a want. Please do tell in the comment section how did you like this video and how many of you are those students who are running in this race, either they were not selected or Then if any topic or any lesson is difficult, then please tell me which topic of the week is it, what is the subject which you find tough, where are the marks in which you get less, I will definitely weigh it, Namaskar, my name is Amrit Kaur, very good. I felt like having some discussion
(17:22) with you and whatever difficulties you are facing or whatever topics you are finding difficult, please do let me know.

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