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Are you a bright and ambitious student looking to gain valuable experience in a dynamic industry? Adai is seeking talented students to join our team!

ABOUT Adani JE Recruitment 2024

The road to empowerment is the one that guards a country’s stride onwards, keeping every hurdle that poses a threat to the constant pace of progress at bay. Yet another milestone in our growth story, is the business of Natural Resources. The scale of our business assures a steady availability of coal, extracted in the most responsible ways, which promises constant supply of power to both urban and rural geographies of India ensuring no hurdles are faced by the citizens in the path to achieving their dreams. The mining industry is considered a major contributor to the growth of the Indian economy. The mining business unit of the Adani group was established in 2007 as the last link in ensuring energy security for India. We are also developing and operating mines in Indonesia and Australia.

In the past few years, we have transformed from a coal trading and importing company to a comprehensive integrated coal management company. We have a diversified trading portfolio and are involved in Coal and Coke trading.


Essential: Diploma in Mining/Any other Branch of Engineering with overman certificate

Desired: Driving license. No color blindness

1-5 years

Role & RESPONSIBILITIES FOR Adani JE Recruitment

  • Takeover the shift charge from the previous overman , note the details of Operations, Safety , Equipment and manpower
  • Take a round in the area/district assigned, Inspect Benches and OB dumps and take actions to strengthen the Benches & OB Dump stability. 
  • Review daily blasting schedule and take all precautions before blasting operations
  • Ensure Haul roads are properly, graded and well maintained as per DGMS Guidelines 
  • Monitor dust levels in the mine and take   dust control measures by sprinkling water .
  • Monitor and ensure there is no overcrowding of men & machinery.
  • Ensure all machineries and operators are working in a safe & secured manner.
  • Maintain Operations, Safety , Equipment and manpower  records in the shift as per DGMS guidelines
  • Send out any person under his charge who disobeys orders, or violate laws.
  • Carry a tracing of the workings of such district and shall keep the tracing up-to-date.
  • He shall be responsible to see that except for the purpose of inspection, examination and repairs every person other than an official or a haulage attendant travels by the travelling roadway
  • He shall give prompt attention to the removal of any danger observed or reported to him, and shall see that dangerous places are adequately fenced off

He shall, on receipt of information of an accident/incident in his district, proceed at once to the place of accident, inspect the place and, if required, supervise the rescue operations, and shall immediately report about the incident/accident to the shift incharge and control room.  

Tips for a strong application:

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter: Highlight skills and experiences relevant to the specific internship you’re applying for. Research Vedanta’s work in that area to demonstrate your understanding.
  • Focus on achievements: Showcase your accomplishments in previous academic projects or internships. Quantify your results whenever possible.
  • Proofread carefully: Ensure your application is free of typos and grammatical errors.

How to Apply FOR Adani JE Recruitment?

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